Harmonizing the Frequencies of YOU

Quantum Biofeedback

Supporting your energetic biofield using non-invasive modalities that address your systems at the root level.

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Everything within us and around us, at its root is vibrational in nature and is interconnected. Everything is energy vibrating at its own particular frequency. The body is at its healthiest form when in alignment with its optimum vibrational state.

When we remove the barriers to healing, the body – which is a self-organizing system of nature – finds and maintains its own alignment. We can help remind your body how to be well. Your body and soul when integrated, form a complete biofeedback loop of information, and seeks and finds its own harmony. We are merely helping you identify and remove the resistance within your biofield, therefore allowing your body to do what it does best: find and maintain its natural vibrant state.

The consciousness-assisted technology we use serves as an objective intermediary that helps us identify the discordant patterns in your energetic field. By harmonizing those patterns to their optimum state, your body, now experiences a resistance free environment to return to its natural healthy state, of its own accord.

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Your wellness is vital to every part of your life, affecting your health, happiness, relationships, professional success, and your overall life satisfaction.

Healthy emotions and healthy cells make for healthy organs; healthy organs make healthy people. We are Quantum Biofeedback practitioners who understand how the systems work together to uncover the potential solutions to help support you at the vibrational level.

Your path to aligning your body, mind, and spirit begins with a Quantum Biofeedback assessment. We offer custom maintenance programs, as well as subject-specific programs.

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Our Approach

Every client is unique. Not only do we carefully listen to your needs and desires, we let YOUR biofield reveal to us what is needed, and we create a fully customized plan that will most efficiently help your biofield return to its optimum state, as you embark, or continue onto your path to wellness.

When you take part in a session with The Symphony Of Me, we look at all aspects of you, as they pertain to the frequencies of your biofield, most often related to the body, mind, emotions, and your system as a whole. We utilize hundreds of libraries and thousands of frequencies. Understanding the stress disturbances related to one aspect will help us correlate them to the other systems, thus helping to “peel back the layers of the onion” until such time we reach the core, or the root cause(s) of the vibrational disturbances. In a disturbance-free environment, your body, mind and spirit may find alignment and wellbeing on its own. The solution is always in the form of frequencies to harmonize your biofield.

Quantum Biofeedback Technology

We utilize cutting edge Quantum Biofeedback voice spectral analysis technology (voice engine), and the holographic, fractal nature of your selfie picture, among other factors to assess your biofield. These two pieces are part of what makes the assessment completely personalized and relevant to you, and only you. Quantum entanglement of the practitioner and the client is another component that facilitates change.

The assessment we perform allows us, in partnership with you, to determine what stress disturbances may exist in your biofield, and therefore what stress disturbances within your field, need to be balanced in order to optimize your biofield back to the harmonious symphony it ought to be.

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Biofeedback and Frequencies can be used with your favorite animal as well

Animals and children are the most receptive to energy modalities because they have not yet developed the patterns of skepticism and doubt that many adults have developed. In other words, they have an open mind – open to endless possibilities.

Quantum biofeedback gives you an opportunity to make a profound difference in your dog, cat, or horse’s life. Discover the hidden issues that your favorite companion may have tried to hint to you, and that he/she is unable to communicate.

We have extensive libraries specifically designed to help your canine, feline, or equine friends. We will find the frequency disturbances in their biofield that may be related to such things as environmental exposure, food sensitivities, digestive trouble, cardiovascular, immune systems, or even vitamin/mineral deficiencies, or supplements that may or may not agree with them. Again, we do not diagnose or treat. We simply assess stress disturbance in their biofield and we harmonize their frequencies. Like humans, your companions have their own healing mechanisms.

* Appointments can be held in person or remotely. Please indicate your preference on your service request.

* Appointments can be held in person or remotely. Please indicate on your service request if you’d like a personal visit.