The Symphony of Me

Harmonizing the Frequencies of You

Everything within us and around us, at its root is energetic and vibrational in nature as well as being interconnected. The body is at its healthiest form when in alignment with its optimum vibrational state. 

What We Do

You are a vibrational being. Your body is made of light, sound, and frequencies circulating and interacting in complex patterns. Using our unique blend of non-invasive methods, we harmonize your inherent frequencies and also teach you how to maintain your optimum coherence.

We assist you in identifying and removing the resistance and stagnation within your energy field, allowing your body to gently return to its balanced vibrant state. We help remind your body how to be well. This is equivalent to tuning a musical instrument so as to unravel its crystalline sound.

Your body and soul when integrated, form a complete biofeedback loop of information and seeks its own harmony. We are merely helping you identify and remove the resistance within your biofield allowing your body to do what it does best: find and maintain its natural vibrant state.

Weekly Bio-Regenesis Frequencies

Harmonize your Symphony using frequencies personalized just for you. Sign-up for our monthly subscription and receive weekly harmonizing frequencies designed to re-tune the core of any vibrational disturbances.

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Pangu Shengong

Pangu Shengong practice improves your health and well-being by strengthening your life force and immunity. Sign-up for our classes and learn how to cultivate and condense your Life-force, bringing harmony to your heart and soul.

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Using cutting-edge technology, this one-on-one assessment gives you a detailed picture of where resistance is held in your biofield. Then you receive personalized vibrational frequencies to bring your mind, body, and energy field back into coherence.

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Free Frequency Pack

New to all of this and want to give it a try? Try our risk-free frequency pack for 14 days.

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Our Approach

Every client is a unique symphony. We carefully listen to your personal needs and goals. The consciousness assisted technology we use serves as an un-biased intermediary to help identify the discordant patterns, directly from your energy field. After a thorough assessment, a fully customized healing plan is created to effectively restore your energy field to its optimum state. 

The healing methods used are non-invasive and combine both advanced technology as well as a whole systems approach to wellness. We merge the best of the new and the known. The goal is for your body to experience a resistance-free environment where it activates its innate ability for coherence and, therefore, healing. Our joy is to assist you in returning to a natural healthy state and support you on your path to wellness and wholeness. 

Free Bio-Regenesis Frequency Set

Get started with a FREE frequency set that includes:

  • Set of 7 distinct frequencies to harmonize your chakra system.
  • Set of 9 original Solfeggio frequencies, a series of musical tones chanted by Gregorian monks. Each frequency corresponds to a different aspect of your well-being and spiritual growth.
The process to claim yours is super simple, just fill in the form with your name, and your email address. You will be directed to download the Quanta Cap app to receive your free frequency pack and an email with directions to access your FREE frequencies, so you can get started on your journey with us.


*There is no obligation to sign up for our services.