Full Bio-Regenesis Assessment

We are vibrational beings. Our bodies are made of light, sound, and frequencies circulating and interacting in complex patterns. Let’s work together to uncover solutions to support you at the vibrational level.


Vibrational Healing

Designed Just For You


Gain more coherence in the body, mind, and soul


Carve a personalized path for regeneration and return to full wellness and vitality

Identify and clear resistance and restore flow

Support your physical and emotional goals


Gain awareness of your own health an reset your emotional balance


Support the regenerative potential of every cell in your body


Live with more intentionality


Achieve deeper satisfaction on all areas of life


Become the conscious deliberate creator of your life


Support your body's innate healing mechanisms

Why This Works:


Every day our bodies are bombarded with disruptive forces in our food, air, and environment as well as by our thoughts, beliefs and stress. Due to these internal and external factors, these circulating patterns of energy and information can become out of balance or disharmonious.

This is where we come in. Our cutting-edge technology is paired with ancient techniques and coaching to re-tune and restore the body to its optimum state.  

The Full Bio-Regenesis Assessment brings your mind, body, and spirit back into alignment by repairing and revitalizing all aspects of your biofield. 

Full Bio-Regenesis Assessment

What’s Included:

2 Hr Session with a Practioner


Comprehensive Re-Genesis Assessment

1-on-1 Online Re-Genesis Coaching Session

1 Week of personalized Harmonizing Frequencies

What People Are Saying:

“Eric and the Bio-Regenesis Frequencies have been a game-changer for me. Not only do I have more energy and vitality, but I find everything in my life just seems to flow much more smoothly”  ~A.L.

Free Bio-Regenesis Frequency Set

Get started with a FREE frequency set that includes:

  • Set of 7 distinct frequencies to harmonize your chakra system.
  • Set of 9 original Solfeggio frequencies, a series of musical tones chanted by Gregorian monks. Each frequency corresponds to a different aspect of your well-being and spiritual growth.
The process to claim yours is super simple, just fill in the form with your name, and your email address. You will be directed to download the Quanta Cap app to receive your free frequency pack and an email with directions to access your FREE frequencies, so you can get started on your journey with us.


*There is no obligation to sign up for our services.