If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla

Bio-Regenesis FAQs

Why does my selfie photo need to be alone on a plain background?

Other people, animals, and plants have their own biofield. If they were in the photo with you, it would skew your assessment. The plain background ensures that you are the focus of the photo.

Does this consciousness assisted Genius technology only work on certain symptoms?

Quantum biofeedback can be used to address root causes, for anything! Once your biofield is in harmony, your body is in harmony.

Must I hear the sounds for the frequencies to work?

The system works on the principle of quantum entanglement, everything is connected, therefor the frequencies are effective regardless of time or distance. You may listen to the frequencies if you enjoy the sounds or you can turn the sound to one notch above zero, barely audible – but the device must play them to some audible level to make the frequency.

Every individual is different and responds differently depending how how long they had experienced disharmony in their biofield.

Does it hurt when I receive and assessment or run my frequencies?

No, it does not hurt. This is completely non-invasive. In fact, many don’t “feel” anything. In a few cases, people who are extremely sensitive and intuitive may sense some things going on while they receive their frequencies. Those are called Qi (Chi) sensations. Some people working on heavy stuff may experience mild detox symptoms.

It all depends on how sensitive a person is to the frequencies. For some people, the effects can be instantaneous, while others may take longer. Individual response times may vary. Like everything in life, the cumulative effects of consistency is primordial. You would not expect to show up to the gym once, and transform into your summer beach body in one session, would you? With your own Quanta Cap, you get to harmonize your frequencies, easily, consistently and obtain results

Can you overdose on frequencies?

No, your biofield takes what it needs until it reaches optimal entrainment and then no longer will accept the frequencies.

What kind of stress related symptoms are helped with this consciousness assisted Genius technology?

All stress is vibrational at the source. By harmonizing the biofield, the body will do what it does best – which is to cope with various stresses: emotional, physical, and energetic and the body does the healing. We are not doctors and therefore do not diagnose nor treat medical conditions.

Pangu Shengong FAQs

How can I learn Pangu Shengong?

You can make an appointment to learn the Pangu Shengong moving form during one of our bi-monthly PGSG Moving Form courses. Click here to participate in our next class!

Schedule an event for your small or large group that would like to learn Pangu Shengong, please contact Eric with The Symphony Of me at eric@thesymphonyofme.com to create a private course event.

Who will benefit from learning and practicing PGSG?
  1. Anyone who suffer from any diseases. Practicing PGSG, consistently every day considerably increases the possibilities and likelihood of a full recovery.
  2. Anyone wanting to maintain their good health. PGSG can strengthen the immune system and increase life force, so that people become more resilient to viruses and bacteria and are less prone to developing diseases.
  3. Anyone interested in transforming and becoming the best version of themselves they can be, by being more “kind and benevolent at the basis of who they are, by taking frankness and friendliness to heart,” by purifying and integrating body and soul for a more harmonized and fulfilling human experience.
How many different forms of PGSG are there?

Pangu Shengong (PGSG, for short), is a complete suite of practices, consisting of a Moving Form (the basis of all), a Non-moving Form (meditation), and an Advanced condensed Form.

The Moving Form is the basis, and only takes 20 minutes to perform. The Non-moving Form is more of a very particular meditation, focusing on the regulation of the nervous system and the development of spirit. An outstanding feature of the Non-moving Form is that practitioners can practice it anywhere, anytime. In other words, practitioners can cultivate and condense Life Force to regulate themselves whenever they need it. Before you can learn the Non-Moving Form, you need to have taken and practiced the Moving Form, first.

The Advanced Condensed Form is a shortened form, which while taking less time to practice, it produces a more powerful effect. Only practitioners that have reached a certain level of practice may qualify to learn the Advanced Condensed Form.

How much does learning the PGSG moving form cost?

The cost of learning the PGSG Moving Form is $120/person.

How long will it take me to learn PGSG?

PGSG is a simple and profoundly effective Qi Cultivation and condensing practice that only takes 15-20 minutes to complete one form.

While it can be taught in an hour, we love to set you up for success, and provide you with all that will enhance your practice. You should budget 2 1/2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time, as reflected in our bookings. You can achieve great results by practicing the moving form, consistently every day. There are plenty of opportunities to practice as you see fit, on your own, or by joining the many people worldwide practicing together over Zoom or at synchronized times, via intention.

The philosophy behind PGSG’s simple movements is very profound and far reaching. If you want to improve faster and reach a higher level of mastery, please consider reading the trilogy from Master Ou, called “The Path of Life.”

How quickly will I see the results of the practice?

Most students can feel the Qi (energy) as soon as they learn PGSG. The energy you absorb from the universe works on your body and improves your health. Most people feel relaxed and calm, immediately when they practice for the first time. If you can keep on practicing daily, you will, likely see big improvements within a month.

What are Qi (Chi) sensations?

When people are performing the Pangu Shengong form, or are receiving Qi from a Pangu Shengong Healing Form practitioner, they may perceive some sensations such as swelling, tingling, cold, heat, pain, itching, or they may feel a stream of air like sensation flowing through their body. These are called Qi sensations. The intensity of those sensations varies from person to person as the biological field of each person is different. It is important to note that one cannot judge the effects of practicing Pangu Shengong based on Qi sensations, or lack thereof. Some may feel Qi sensations prior to his, or her recovery, while others may recover their health, first before they are able to perceive any Qi sensations. Feeling healthy and comfortable within your body is always a better gauge of progress, than noticing Qi sensations. Consistent practice will yield profound results. The only variable is you and your choice to practice, or not.


What is Qi healing?

Qi healing is an energy transmission from an approved Pangu Shengong Healing Form practitioner to a client, or recipient of the modality. The energy emitted by the Master works on the patients’ energetic fields, and the body, thereby informed does the job it does best, that of fighting any diseases and improving the immune system. Qi healing sessions are customized and tailored for different people experiencing different conditions.


What is long-distance Qi-healing? What is the principle behind it?

Long-distance Qi-healing occurs when a Pangu Shengong Healing Form  Master sends Qi to a person who is located a long distance away.

  1. Qi radiates outward in a “field” modality state. Picture it much like an electric field or a magnetic field:  the Qi field expands outward forming circles upon wider circles, as waves propagate through the medium. An adept Pangu Shengong Healing Form practitioner can easily radiate PGSG Qi long distances away, across the globe.
  2. Qi is consciousness and consciousness is everywhere, and timeless. Some call it quantum entanglement. Apprehended, simply it is instantaneous action at a distance. It may seem like magic to some, when it fact it is just how the Universe works.


Can PGSG and Qi-healing cause any negative side effects?

PGSG and Qi-healing will not cause any side effects since PGSG has been developed with the structure of the human physiology in mind, as well as accounting for the characteristics of the relationship between man and nature. Therefore, PGSG can only absorb the energy and material elements that are beneficial to the human physiology and bring positive effects, devoid of any negative influences.


Is PGSG in contradiction to any religions?

Pangu Shengong does not interfere or go against any beliefs or religions. PGSG advocates that people “Take kindness and benevolence as basis; take frankness and friendliness to heart.” This is the essence of the pursuit of Pangu Shengong and the catalyst to transform from the inside out, from the more subtle energetic levels to the denser, more physical aspects of the body. It is the “agonizing tempering of the agonizing body and soul.” It is completely compatible with any religious belief systems.

Only Master Ou and PGSG Instructors who have been taught and approved by Master Ou, are able to, and permitted to teach PGSG. The most important aspect of this simple, yet powerful Pangu Shengong form, does not reside in the actual physical movements, but in the information and energy contained within the form. When Master Ou teaches PGSG to his approved PGSG Instructors, he also imparts into them this essential information and energetic transmission, which is not unlike a piece of software that can be copied and installed onto different machines, the instructor is now able to “download” into the students the informational piece necessary to activate the form to its full potential.

Knowing how to perform the simple physical movements is not even close to being equal to knowing the Pangu Shengong form. Without the previously mentioned energetic and informational transmission, the positive effect will be lessened. Additionally, teaching PGSG without Master Ou’s full transmission and accreditation will yield poor to detrimental results to both teacher and student. When you are not an approved instructor, and you attempt to teach others how to practice this form, your own vitality and Life Force will often unnoticeably leak out, and your own Qi will be weakened.


How is Pangu Shengong able to alchemize diseases?

There are two main principles within Pangu Shengong that allows for people practicing the form to heal from diseases.

  1. The practitioner directly absorbs the material elements that are beneficial to the human body, from the great nature, and that will transform the illnesses caused, in the first place by the lack of material elements within the organs and systems of the body.
  2. All physiological functions of the human body will be greatly enhanced and potentiated by the absorbed energy, thus alchemizing the illnesses, caused by stagnation and impeded flow within the physiological function of the organs and systems of the body.


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