Other people, animals, and plants have their own biofield. If they were in the photo with you, it would skew your assessment. The plain background ensures that you are the focus of the photo.
Quantum biofeedback can be used to address root causes, for anything! Once your biofield is in harmony, your body is in harmony.
The system works on the principle of quantum entanglement, everything is connected, therefor the frequencies are effective regardless of time or distance. You may listen to the frequencies if you enjoy the sounds or you can turn the sound to one notch above zero, barely audible – but the device must play them to some audible level to make the frequency.
Every individual is different and responds differently depending how how long they had experienced disharmony in their biofield.
No, it does not hurt. In fact, many don’t “feel” anything. In a few cases, people who are extremely sensitive and intuitive may sense some things going on while they receive their frequencies.
It all depends on how sensitive a person is to the frequencies. For some people, the effects can be instantaneous, while others may take longer. Individual response times may vary.
No, your biofield takes what it needs until it reaches optimal entrainment and then no longer will accept the frequencies.
All stress is vibrational at the source. By harmonizing the biofield, the body will do what it does best – which is to cope with various stresses: emotional, physical, and energetic and the body does the healing. We are not doctors and therefore do not diagnose nor treat medical conditions
Yes, drink plenty of clean water. Adequate hydration will help your body conduct energy through it, as well as wash away any toxins. Exercise, breathe fresh air, mediate, or practice life-force cultivating practices such as QiGong. Alchemize your non-resourceful belief systems.
Adults, children, dogs, cats, horses, and even groups of people.
Anytime you move energy, it is possible to experience detox symptoms. Most people do not experience anything apparent. Ensure that you have proper hydration as it will minimize the likelihood of any detox symptoms. The following are possible symptoms of detox:

  • Fatigue
  • Waves of emotions – crying, being angry, sad
  • Loose stools
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches and/or dizziness
  • Flu-like symptoms
In simple discussion, everything can affect your biofield. Stress disturbances can come in the form of negative thoughts and emotions, physical distresses, as well as the kind of food you eat (organic vs conventional, prepared vs raw, etc.).
Your biofield will accept the frequencies until it is entrained. At that point it will stop accepting that particular frequency. Hence harmonizing the biofield is done in layers, similar to pealing back the layers of an onion. As one layer is harmonized, a new layer will be ready for harmonization.
The application of using frequencies to heal the body has been around since inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) pioneered electrical technology. As one of the most influential scientists of the last century, Tesla was a genius born ahead of his time.

His inventions of alternating current, electric motors, radio, etc., have laid the groundwork for our modern-day society. Although most of his ideas and inventions are well known and used today, there are some that remain forgotten, one of which was his invention of longitudinal electromagnetic waves.

This type of electromagnetic wave contradicted the accepted mainstream theory of Heinrich Hertz that electromagnetic waves were transverse. Instead of merging their experimental results into a unified proof for Maxwell’s original equations, the two argued about who was right and who was wrong and mainstream science stuck with Hertz’s theory.

Longitudinal electromagnetic waves were then forgotten about… until recently. A scientist by the name of Dr. Konstantin Meyl picked up Tesla’s work. Dr. Meyl was able to experimentally and repeatedly prove the existence of these electromagnetic waves and expand on this theory. Proving the existence of longitudinal electromagnetic waves opens up a whole new area of science for the world to understand.

  • Magnetic/electromagnetic field therapy
  • Ultrasound frequencies to heal bones quicker
  • Electric/electromagnetic fields to heal bones faster
  • Light to speed up wound healing
  • Frequencies to break up kidney stones via lithotripsy
  • Laser scalpels
  • Magnetic Resonance scanning (MRIs)
  • Ultraviolet lights to disinfect surfaces, air, and water (that’s why the sun is one of the best disinfectants)

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