Lakhovsky Multi-Wave-Oscillator (MWO)

The MWO, short for Multi-Wave-Oscillator, initially invented by George Lakhovsky, reminds every cells of your body of their optimal state by tuning them back to their original healthy state, in alignment with the field of our home, mother earth.

The Lakhovsky MWO

induces coherence and harmonization of all of your fields, including the physical body, which translates into rejuvenation, calm, well-being, and provides a favorable environment for the natural healing powers of the body to flourish, regardless of what your current health experience may be.


Recharges your biofield


Reduces inflammation


Induces profound detoxification


Rejuvenates you at the cellular level


Boosts metabolism


Increases coherence within the body


Provides your body the energy for profound healing


Tunes your cells back to the rhythm of earth and cosmos, so that they find their own original alignment and health


Relaxes you and provides containment for your thoughts


Fosters resilience in your immune system


Mitigates and reverses effects from biological assaults by enlivening your blood and keeping it fluid


Protects you from all types of environmental offenses


Aligns you with your Source


Enlivens your blood and increases vitality

An MWO Healing & Rejuvenation session might just be what you need to recover and thrive, or simply experience mental, physical and emotional bliss

How is a MWO session with Eric and The Symphony of Me, unique and differentiates itself from all other available Lakhovsky MWO offerings on the market?

While Multi-Wave-Oscilator (MWO) and the Theraphi stand on their own very well, and often less is more, no two people are alike, and I found it both beneficial and resourceful to pair the MWO with concurrent complementary enhancing modalities. Many offer gimmicks and add-ons that frankly add little to the outcome while adding to their bottom line. At the Symphony of Me, rest assured that any additions are carefully thought out to interact and synergize with the best desired outcome in mind. The cool factor is important to us as it is important to you, but results and satisfaction is what matters to us most. 

Some of our add-ons support your individual circumstances.

Some of our add-ons support your life force and ability to better process information and healing modalities.

All are tailored to YOU with YOUR needs in mind. Ask us what this may look like for you.

Our goal is for you to come for a session or series of MWO and, or Theraphi sessions, have an amazing outcome, and for you to experience our other modalities. We wish to take you on a journey of discovery, evolution and self empowerment that will lead you to express more of your full soul potential in this lifetime.

Whether you are healing from a disease state, you are looking for a plain vanilla spa-like enjoyable session, which is never the case since the setting was designed for comfort, exquisite atmosphere, safety and an experience you will want to relive, or you are needing specific attention, Eric brings his energetic healing expertise and team to the table.

Anyone can setup a Lakhovsky MWO, but few have the deep innerestanding, expertise and ability Eric has, to tune the device for best results. Many ingredients go into producing great results with an MWO. Grounding of the machine and user, among other factors, is primordial and using a common electrical ground surely isn’t the safe and wise solution.

The over arching goal is to empower you in taking control of your health and wellbeing, as the CEO that you are of your own life. Ask us about Healing Integration Therapy (HIT) and either in-person, or Remote Healing Sessions on Zoom. Also, visit our Healing Integration Therapy (HIT) page.


What is the MWO (in a nutshell)?

The MWO oscillator, or Lakhovsky machine as I prefer to refer to it is a perfect instrument that we, at the Symphony of Me, use to effect positive changes and get the melody back in the Symphonhy of You. Sitting between the antennas and receiving the experience, is like having every cells of your body being reminded of their optimal tuning. In addition to your cells being tuned to the frequency and energy of life itself, you interact and tune in to the frequency of our mother earth, itself. This results in rejuvenation, bliss, a feeling of being gently contained and pampered while our fields and cells re-entrain to the optimal natural every pulsating energy of Life. We provide the environment and the body does what it does best: heal. The body being the densest aspect of who you are, the healing is simply an automatic byproduct of your 8 fields of existence finding their optimal way to communicate, exchange information and integrate with harmony and coherence.

What is the MWO (more detailed explanation)?

George Lakhovsky, an innovator of the 1930s and 1940s, introduced the Multiwave Oscillator (MWO), a creation shrouded in mystery as his patent did not disclose the intricate circuitry of his final MWO iteration. Regrettably, much of Lakhovsky's pioneering work gradually faded into obscurity. However, the resurrection of discourse surrounding the Lakhovsky MWO can be attributed to the efforts of Bob Beck, a dedicated scientific researcher. Beck's findings were subsequently documented and disseminated by the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF).

Peter Lindemann, a globally recognized authority in Tesla sciences and a former member of BSRF in the 1980s and 1990s, possessed a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of the MWO, despite the elusive nature of Lakhovsky's fully realized device. Without the diligent endeavors of these individuals within BSRF, it is conceivable that the MWO might have remained consigned to historical oblivion.

Around a decade ago, serendipity graced us when three original Lakhovsky MWO units, in their original form, were uncovered carefully preserved in Italy. Through an exhaustive process of reverse engineering, Bruno Sacco and Tony Kerselaers who acquired a unit, each and joined forces to understand, explain and build a perfect replica of the original, published their findings, re-igniting the interest of many. Paul Babcock, an accomplished electrical engineering virtuoso, harnessed the insights acquired from this endeavor to construct a personal proof-of-concept iteration. Over the course of a year, Aaron Murakami, Eric Dollard, Jeff Moe, collectively delved into the study of this remarkable machine, gleaning invaluable knowledge.

Motivated by the desire to develop the most streamlined and efficient MWO based on the extensive research of luminaries like Peter Lindeman and Paul Babcok, Aaron Murakami and Jeff Moe embarked on a journey that commenced in their machine shop in the autumn of 2017. With resolute determination, they forged ahead, undeterred. It was during this initial design phase that Eric Dollard, often hailed as the modern-day Tesla, made his entrance. He masterminded the creation of a military-style pulse modulator, a component now in full-scale production. The end result is nothing short of extraordinary – the most compact, efficient, and potent Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator ever conceived, and perfectly tuned.

This exceptional creation is one that I acquired from Vril Science, and that I have used for myself and with clients, ever since. The experience is unlike any other; the results are compelling. The science is exciting and it doesn’t hurt that this completely non-invasive and safe technology has a pizzaz flair to it.

Building on the shoulders of giants, such as Nicolas Tesla, George Lakhovsky used the Tesla technology and applied it in a very different way, itself acknowledged and praised by Tesla. They indeed met and collaborated.

George Lakhovsky had to leave occupied Europe and brought his equipment to the USA where they were successfully used with amazing results in numerous hospitals. Like any genius benefitting humanity with his inventions, he was disturbing to the establishment hellbent on oppressing humanity and only promoting quackery under the guise of science and progress, while getting rid of well meaning men and women working to better humanity and help people heal. All of his work disappeared and without knowledgeable people to maintain, understand and teach others how to operate his machines, the few that were left disappeared into oblivion … until the three, still wrapped in their delivery packaging were found in Europe and acquired as mentioned above.

Now, YOU get to experience the combined efforts of the many and it is with great pleasure that I do my part in bringing our clients this for-a-while forgotten technology, yet one that is efficient, produces results, and is mile ahead of what is available in most places, today.

The MWO oscillator, or Lakhovsky machine as I prefer to refer to it is a perfect instrument that we, at the Symphony of Me, use to effect positive changes and get the melody back in the Symphonhy of You. Sitting between the antennas and receiving the experience, is like having every cells of your body being reminded of their optimal tuning. In addition to your cells being tuned to the frequency and energy of life itself, you interact and tune in to the frequency of our mother earth, itself. This results in rejuvenation, bliss, a feeling of being gently contained and pampered while our fields and cells re-entrain to the optimal natural every pulsating energy of Life. We provide the environment and the body does what it does best: heal. The body being the densest aspect of who you are, the healing is simply an automatic byproduct of your 8 fields of existence finding their optimal way to communicate, exchange information and integrate with harmony and coherence.

What effects can I expect from MWO Sessions?
The MWO recharges your biofield, energizes the cells of your body, creating a harmonious symphony within you, that supports your natural healing abilities and assists in nothing short of full rejuvenation. Swelling is a result of inflammation. The MWO does not only transform swelling, it has also been know to increase circulation where impaired or lost. Many experience a sensation of pleasing euphoria resulting from the experience of bliss the Lakhovsky MWO fosters. Client have reported the experience of lucid dreaming and astral projection, sometimes during, and sometimes following an MWO session. The machine has a propensity to boost metabolism and heart rate while inducing a state of sacral cranial spine liquid pumping at the 'still point' (a pivotal juncture in many healing scenarios), it's safe to say that the experience typically results in a period of heightened alertness, making sleepiness less likely, but not out of the question depending on individual propensities and needs. Everyone is different and everyone gets exactly the optimal experience for their current circumstances. The MWO generates a field that is highly conscious and interactive, which like that of the Theraphi evolves with you, enhancing your inner symphony. You get to choose your melody. The MWO is always fresh as it dances in unison with the energetics of Mother Earth, changing moods during the days and the nights, and also with the seasonal changes in weather. In reality, our body is very much influenced that way, too and it responds very favorably to this enhanced tuning to the rhythm of Gaia and that of the Cosmos. 
What do I need to do to be prepared for a MWO session?

It’s important to be well hydrated before and after each session. Be open to, and welcoming of changes. We suggest 1-gallon of pure water within the 24 hours before your session. Otherwise, no homework required, no preparation. Like everything in life, though: you must show up if you wish to reap the benefits!

What should I wear to my MWO rejuvenation sessions?

For your ultimate comfort, we suggest donning attire that's as soft and cozy as a hug from your favorite teddy bear - preferably made from the finest natural fibers. And if you fancy an extra layer of snuggly goodness, our trusty blankets are at your beck and call.

Oh, and here's a nugget of wisdom from one of our mystical mavens: rumor has it that silk threads might just sprinkle a little extra magic into your session. So, if you're feeling fabulously fancy, why not give it a whirl? Rest at ease, come with what you have … Most important is that you show up for yourself!

Will I need to remove any clothing?

Rest assured, there's no need for a wardrobe change if you're already comfortably clad in our recommended attire. However, kindly remove your shoes, socks, jewelry, and any metal items like belts with a metallic buckle before your session begins. Don't fret; we've got you covered with a handy dandy tray for temporary custody of your items.

May I have my cell phone or other electronic device with me?

Absolutely not! Electronic gadgets need to maintain a respectful 8 feet buffer zone from the MWO antennas. They may be tech-savvy, but these devices prefer a little personal space. Don't fret; we've got you covered with a tray for temporary custody.

Will someone be with me in the room?
Expect some quality "me time" during your treatment, unless, of course, you decide you'd rather have company - just let us know in advance.
Should I eat food before a session?

The optimal game plan is to book your sessions with a tummy as empty as a library during a football game. Yet, if your stomach insists on sounding like a grumbling protest, a modest snack won't hurt, either. In other words, use your own discretion.

Will I feel tired or sleepy after a session?

Just like a box of assorted chocolates, every person is delightfully unique. Even the same individual can have sessions that resemble a game of cosmic roulette - you might leave feeling like a catnap champion one day and an energy dynamo the next!

How do I integrate after a session?

It's advisable to sip your way through a gallon of water within the 24 hours following your session to ensure you’re well hydrated after each Theraphi experience. Engaging in grounding activities, such as walking barefoot on grass or soil, or enjoying a swim in ponds, lakes, or the ocean, comes highly recommended for an added sense of balance and connection with nature.

Not sick and nothing wrong with me, why would I benefit?

Whether you are trying to get over some serious, even seemingly dire health challenges or you feel perfectly well, the Lakhovsky MWO can offer you tremendous benefits. See, we are all vibrational beings. Our breathing has a wave form, so do the fields of our heart, our brain waves, our lymph circulation, our blood pressure, every cell of every organs of our bodies. Vibration is a wave form and the MWO's whole reason for being, is to allow all waves that makes us who we are, to entrain into coherence and to stack up like nesting Russian dolls. Those waves that cannot become coherent fall off by the way side. When that occurs, discordant patterns disappear, bliss ensues and the body’s healing capabilities are now supported. Some seek healing, some seek to optimize performance, others seek a calming, nurturing experience like that of a posh spa treatment, while yet others who are experiential seekers and cosmic explorers like to treat their 12 senses (yes 12, not 5) and explore consciousness. The MWO like the Theraphi, creates gateways to zero point, to the field of all possibilities. Whatever your path is, the Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator (MWO) is guaranteed to benefit your health and life.

What is the optimal Session Length and Intensity?

When it comes to timing, we've got options galore. One nifty approach involves a bit of muscle-testing magic, courtesy of your trusty facilitator. This will help unravel the mysteries of your ideal session duration and intensity. To kick things off gently, we suggest starting with a first modest 5-7 -minute session and see how you respond. We offer regular sessions of 30 minutes including 20 minutes in the bioactive field, followed by 10 minutes of grounding. After 20 minutes, the cells of your body will have absorbed all the energy and information they can absorb. We can also vary the intensity in conjunction with time. 100% is never used in therapeutic settings. A typical power setting is 50% intensity for 15 to 20 minutes.

I am a seeker, an explorer and an experiencer; Do you have Instructions or recommendations for me?

1. First things first, become one with your breath, master the art of heart-brain coherence. This little trick can be pulled off by showing up fashionably early, 5-10 minutes before your session, and finding your Zen in our comfy couch. We get it, schedules can be quite the busy bees.

2. Once you're all set on the cosmic table, it's time to unleash your inner artist. Visualize the healing column of light-energy streaming through you, straight from Source to your noggin, down your whole body, then through your tootsies, and into Mother Earth, creating a beautiful Taurus Field right within you. You're like a light-energy traffic controller, a bonafide Maestro, channeling Source and Mother Earth's love-infused rejuvenation through every cells, through every nook and crannies of your mind-body-soul fields. And guess what? The TheraPhi is about to turn up the volume on your aura's charge. If you've got an inclination or propensity for it, this is the moment to give aura-seeing a whirl. The charge, being the obliging fellow it is, tends to wander to wherever it's most needed. So, this is your chance to have a heart-to-heart convo with your cells; set those intentions, visualize the plasma consciousness heading where you desire, picture your healing journey, and bask in the associated warm fuzzies. It's like being in the director's chair of your orchestra, of your reality, with a fully charged life force field, ready to sprinkle your healing dreams into existence.

3. Once your session wraps up, remember to give yourself a little cosmic spritz with our Celtic Sea salt /TheraPhi water or hop into a soothing bath or shower. This is the ultimate biofield cleanse, your grand finale to the experience.

I have more questions about the MWO from George Lakhovsky

Remember that words don't teach (funny we should offer so many); Only experience does. So, come and experience MWO and decide for yourself. You will be gad you did!

For more details on the technology, please visit

Are there any disclaimers I need to be aware of?

The Symphony of "Me-claimer ..."*

… Really, the Symphony of You:

  •             While you could undergo a short detox, other common side effects may include:
  •             Greater health, happiness, and joy, including improved circulation, reduced pain, improved physical performance, and cognitive ability.
  •             You may feel younger, experience improvement in your ability to relax, sleep, handle stress, think clearly, learn more easily, as well as to appreciate more and to love more deeply.
  •             You may feel better physically and emotionally, feel more alive, more creative, more whole, with an overall sense of greater well-being.
  •             This, by all measures, is not a complete list of the possible side effects. If you experience any or all of these, please inform your family and friends, immediately!

And, here is mor of our disclaimer: 

"Miss-claimer ..." *

... when The Symphony of you is missing

  •             The TheraPhi system, also referred to, just as the “Theraphi,” is not approved by the FDA as medical device. It is intended for use as experimental electronic device only. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, cure, treatment, or mitigation of any disease or illness in human beings. 
  •             We make no medical claims whatsoever for the Theraphi system, or any of our modalities. If you have a problem with your health, please consult a licensed healthcare professional.
  •             Please, note that we are not responsible whatsoever for the use, abuse, or misuse, intentionally or unintentionally, of the TheraPhi system, either in sessions or of its own, or any of its components parts, or associated reports, under any and all circumstances. In any case, I, Du Pont, Eric, The Symphony Of Me, or any of our associates, past, present, or future, shall have no liability, whatsoever. Use our services at your own risks.
  •             By using the TheraPhi system, or by receiving any type of sessions, report, or information, completely or partially derived from the TheraPhi system, you, the user, understand and accept that you have no expectations of curing any ailment, and that you accept full responsibility for what you do with the information you have received, and the sessions your partook in.
  •             You also understand that possible negative physical and/or mental effects, unknown to us, might result from the use of the TheraPhi system, or any assessment results from Eric Du Pont, The Symphony of Me, or any of our associates. Moreover, you intend to undertake only responsible experimentation, and you voluntarily accept all responsibility for the use and application of all effects of the TheraPhi system, TheraPhi session, and any other modalities oferred by the Symphony of Me, Eric Du Pont, or any of our associates and partners.
  •             Furthermore, you agree that you will not hold Eric Du Pont, The Symphony of Me, our associates and partners, responsible for any consequences, whether harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of using the TheraPhi system, and, or, any information derived from it, from Eric Du Pont, The Symphony Of Me, or any of our associates and partners.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If someone has undergone Chemotherapy, can the person do an MWO session?

Do NOT use Theraphi or the MWO for 6-12 months after undergoing chemo-therapy, because the detoxification of the chemotherapy compounds released into the blood and liver is too fast. It is fundamental and important to recognize what detoxification (detox) is, and the very well known wholistic approaches to assisting with detox. Indeed, plasma negentropy as well as cold electricity negentropy, naturally accelerates the dumping of poisons, etc., all of which have to be processed by the body organs, particularly the kidneys and liver.

If someone with cancer decides to take MWO Sessions, how long before they can expect to reap benefits from the MWO Rejuvenation sessions?

Most of our Cancer MWO clients have taken daily sessions for a week, or two before seeing marked benefits. Pain relief was often witnessed earlier than that. Everyone is different and every case is different. It is always important to address the patterns that  gave birth to the problem, even if resolution was found, for indeed undressed root causes tend to re-emerge in a same or different form if not alchemized and transformed. As us about Healing Integration Therapy (HIT, for short).

Is it safe for me to enjoy a MWO session if I have a pacemaker or similar device implanted?

NO One with electronic implants ( like pacemakers) should use plasma therapy or high intensity cold electricity, because obviously having high voltage fields around the body is risky if you have sensitive electronics INSIDE your body. (Even your phone or computer needs to be kept several feet away). NO pacemakers under ANY circumstances.

Is it safe for me to have MWO Rejuvenation sessions if I have (non-electronic) metallic implants in my body?

For persons with metal (but not electronic implants) like titanium- we recommend you proceed slowly, checking for discomfort and heating and stopping, immediately at first signs. This being said, we do know many who have reportedly been helped who had metal implants. We always say check for "heating or discomfort,"  but actually, we have had no reports of issues.

Why am I being advised to relax and only bring positve attitude and thoughts into the MWO or Theraphi room?
The nature of the cold plasma cloud being negentropic (and "self aware"), as is cold electricity and the conjugated compression waves of the MWO antennas, is that the center of that cloud can recursively implode, like a smoke ring. This is why, so many people have reported how the plasma cloud has to be treated like "a tempermental pet kitten, in order to share its affection," There is enormous truth to this, and some definite clues to "action at a distance" phenomena. Same goes, albeit in a slightly different way with the highly charged dielectric field discharges on the MWO.
As MWO and TheraPhi practitioners, we have learned to ask anyone who has anything other than a positive attitude, to gently leave the room, and come back another time because otherwise, "the pet kitten (plasma cloud for Theraphi - Scalar dielectric for MWO) won't 'send love ... " A fun, vivid way to express that what you bring into the MWO or TheraPhi room gets amplified as it becomes re-organized, made coherent and harmonious. In that process, having less than a positive and open attitude, could spell a wild ride for you. Rest asured, no safety issue exists; We just want you to have the best experience it nearly always is. Just be mindful of your thoughts and attitude and expect a great experience. The Universe is asking ... "Show me your new vibration and I will show you miracles!"
Who can benefit from Theraphi or MWO Rejuvenation sessions?

People who need help with:

  • *Recovering from infections
  • *Recovering from injury/surgery
  • *Swelling & inflammation
  • *Chronic pain 
  • *Autoimmune disorders
  • *Diabetes & neuropathy
  • *Sleep quality
  • *Assisting the detox process
  • *Cancer recovery
  • *Reducing cysts & gout symptoms
  • *Speeding up recovery time~sports injuries
  • *Enhancing overall wellness 
  • *Heightened sense of wellbeing
How is it that the MWO Rejuvenation FAQ's are nearly identical to those of the Theraphi?

Both the MWO and Theraphi share many commonalities in concepts, physics and even overlapping benefits, but rest assured they are different machines that each have their own personality and forté. They share in common the High Voltage Tesla Coils, an oscillating circuit and highly regenerative scalar and compression waves. The MWO uses concentric phi ratio antenas to create the field, while the Theraphi uses cold plasma to generate the effects. 

It goes without saying that the common sense precautions apply to both machines and the very similar and often identical FAQ's reflect that.

Just like the numerous, if anecdotal tests that were conducted on the blood for TheraPhi users, several people have reported improved blood flow and especially improved blood chemistry after being exposed to the Lakhovsky MWO field. Dark Field microscopy revealed an absence of “rouleaus,” and a “declumping” of the blood when live blood samples were analyzed before and after a Lakhovsky MWO session. These findings, while anecdotal are extremely interesting and promising. No claims are made, here. Just some very interesting results from dark field microscopy.

What People Are Saying:

“I immediately felt the energy throughout my hands, limbs and throughout my body. You would have to be a corpse to not feel it. I was also very awake, yet I felt so pleasingly contained and calm. I was very serene and blissful and was able to mediate while sitting in the field, like I never have before: no extraneous thoughts vying for my attention, just soothing, relaxed focus. I also had prior pain in my shoulders and body, and I could feel the energy working on those areas. I love it!”~ Angel Robbins


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