Monthly Bio-Regenesis Subscription

Become the best version of yourself.

Receive weekly vibrational support designed specifically for you.


New Harmonizing Frequencies Every Week


Feel more balance and harmony in your body & life


Release stagnant energy, thoughts, and beliefs


Break through plateaus in your spiritual growth


Harness the power of the zero point field


Have a practitioner in the palm of your hand

How It Works:

  • Purchase a subscription package using one of the links below.
  • Schedule a brief, one-time-only initial set-up appointment (you will be promoted to schedule after purchase).
  • Each week you will send us a weekly voice sample and a selfie using the Quanta Cap app. 
  • We utilize voice spectral analysis technology, and the holographic, fractal nature of your picture to create personalized frequencies that will harmonize any resistance that you have in your field. 
  • You may renew your monthly subscription for as long as you wish.
  • *note, if you have not already purchased the Quanta Cap app there is a small one-time fee associated.

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Monthly Frequency Subscription Includes Quanta Cap App

Monthly Frequency Subscription without Quanta Cap App

What People Are Saying:

“Eric was very thorough and I was so surprised at how accurate the reading was, and so many areas covered from endocrine to muscular-skeletal, I was really amazed by it. I really looked forward to listening to the download daily, i found it very calming and grounding and I look forward to the next one.” ~S.N.

Free Bio-Regenesis Frequency Set

Get started with a FREE frequency set that includes:

  • Set of 7 distinct frequencies to harmonize your chakra system.
  • Set of 9 original Solfeggio frequencies, a series of musical tones chanted by Gregorian monks. Each frequency corresponds to a different aspect of your well-being and spiritual growth.
The process to claim yours is super simple, just fill in the form with your name, and your email address. You will be directed to download the Quanta Cap app to receive your free frequency pack and an email with directions to access your FREE frequencies, so you can get started on your journey with us.


*There is no obligation to sign up for our services.