Pangu Shengong

This Moving Form is a simple, yet powerful way

to cultivate and condense 

Life Force energy, Qi, the breath of life.

The practice of Pangu Shengong (PGSG) allows for a profound transformation to take place from the inside out.


Strengthen your life force


Bulletproof yourself to the attempted assaults of our world


Alchemize traumatic stuck energies


Build emotional resilience


Create more coherence within your body


Experience more ease in your thoughts and more peace in the heart


Provide your body the energy it needs to do its job of healing


Enliven your blood


Temper, integrate and harmonize your heart and soul


Increase your vitality


Foster resiliency of your immune system


Mitigate and reverse effects from bioweapons and other insults to your wellbeing


Transform from the inside out and become the you who is aligned with your source

Life Force energy is what powers all that is alive!

The practice of Pangu Shengong (PGSG) allows for a profound transformation to take place from the inside out. Health is not the absence of disease. It is also the flourishing of our potential as human beings experiencing harmony within life, with our environment and with our own soul. Physical health is only the densest by-product of the harmony, or lack thereof in our body and soul relationship.

When the body, mind and spirit enjoys plentiful amounts of Qi, the body does what it does best: it heals itself. Pangu Shengong practice improves your health and well-being by strengthening your life force and immunity. It brings calmness, positive thinking, and happiness. Pangu Shengong has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from their illnesses and maintain good health.

  • Pangu Shengong (PGSG), aka Mystical QiGong, aka Medical GiGong
  • Pangu means God
  •  Shen means Spirit and Gong is to Cultivate

Helps you cultivate and condense Life-force, thereby tempering and harmonizing your heart and soul.

Strengthen Your Life Force Energy


Life Force energy is what powers all that is alive. From birth to death, the breath of live animates our every cells. At the moment of conception, a certain spark of life occurs and as we are born, we come into the world with a certain reserve of energy, not unlike a savings account. The quantity of life force in our “savings” account varies according to our parents, our environment and cosmological variations at birth. Life demands energy expenditure, be it that which is necessary to maintain our metabolism and the functioning of various body systems, or the energy required to carry out our daily activities.

We, also take in energy from the sun, from the air we breathe, from our foods, through sleep, and a myriad of other ways. As long as our energy expenditures are less or equal to the replenishment of energy taking place, we do not have to dip into our energetic “savings account.” However, life presents its challenges, and along with those comes resistance. The more resistance the more impediment to the flow of life force, and not surprisingly we squander life force energy like an old leaky car battery, unable to keep its charge.

We don’t take the charge too well, either nor do we rebound back fully, and the quality of power just isn’t there, any longer. Whether it is gradual and cumulative, or sudden, the lack of, or the low level of life force feeding the processes of the body is at the root of the degeneration and decay taking place within our bodies.

Why do I need to cultivate Qi?

Today, more than ever before in history we are assaulted by the fast pace of life, by pollution and toxins in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the drinks we take in, in the constant flow of information we have to process, in the radiations from cell phone towers, power lines, dirty electricity running through our walls, and all sorts of electronic equipment, as well as an overall disconnection from nature, of which we are a part of. Mental processes, emotional distress, depression, trauma, and otherwise runaway thoughts, such as when we ruminate or worry, or experience fear, all contribute to fast depletion of our life force energy. All of this chews up our life force at an unprecedented rate, leaving us more prone to decay, to disease, and unable to rebound quickly and easily. The body is a self organizing organism of nature built to correct its on disharmony and regenerate, providing it has the right environment and plenty of life force to sustain the processes.

You would not dream of driving your car with an old leaky battery, and no alternator to top off the battery on an ongoing basis, whether for mundane driving or a sporty jaunt around the track. Sooner, rather than later, you car will start to malfunction and breakdown. The more demanding your driving is, the faster you will kill it, and the more spectacular the failure will be. The early telltale signs might be benign, ranging from a few glitches with the dashboard, perhaps a radio malfunctioning, to perhaps a heater or air conditioning failure and eventually severe faults within the computer that regulates your car systems.

Your body is the same. It is of utmost importance that we cultivate and condense our Life Force energy, lest we experience malaise, disease, decay and eventually premature death. Your body functions like a car: as long as you expand less life force energy than is required to optimally run your systems and cater to your lifestyle, you experience ease. From the moment this is no longer the case, you dip into your reserves and by that time your body is already in crisis mode, attempting to reduce energy depletion to run the main systems. Your health is taking a toll, your ability to live and enjoy life decreases; you become more susceptible to disease and once you reach such state of illness, it becomes increasingly difficult or even impossible to recover and heal.

What does fear do to Qi?

A prime example of energy squandering is the mass hysteria and mass psychosis caused by the fear of COVID-19. Fear is the not-so-silent killer …


As fear develops unabated, you start squandering your life force at a very much increased rate. Your metabolism and body functions rev up and go into high alert, further exacerbating the energy requirements and further depleting your battery saving’s account. Anxiety takes place and eventually panic sets in.

The life Force that kept you healthy is now undermined by fear, resulting in a decrease in resilience. Immunity is impaired. Rational thoughts are equally affected.

This highlights the importance of not panicking, of not living in fear of COVID or any other potential occurrence, whether real or imagined. This will not only help you preserve your health, but will also render you more resilient and adept at helping others from your own place of strong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience. Life Force is the breath of life! No wonder it goes by so many names, such as Qi, Chi, Ki, Prana, Holy spirit, etc.

Learning and practicing Pangu Shengong (PGSG) is an integral component to harmonizing the Symphony of you and one we trust you will embrace on your journey to fully living your life.

Activating the energy flow inherent to this practice necessitates an initial energy transmission from a qualified Pangu Shengong Instructor without which, the movement is just that: a movement devoid of much, if any benefits.

Once you have learned PGSG, you are welcome to practice on your own, and or together, as there are many group practices taking place, daily all over the world. These, while never mandatory provide a powerful synergistic effect to those wishing to participate.

Cost of the class is USD$120 per person (one-time learning fee).

What People Are Saying:

” I just learned and started Pangu Shengong a week ago, and I am most grateful to have been sooo lucky. Thank you Eric, and Master Ou, for all you have shared and taught us. I have noticed many changes, already. Not just in me, but also in my surroundings: even my cat has become more affectionate towards me. I am excited to see what is next!” ~J.M.


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