Let’s get you set up!

Check your inbox! All the information contained below is found in the email that was sent to you. Can’t find the email? Search for eric@thesymphonyofme.com in all of your mail folders.

The FREE frequencies will be available for a week after the App is downloaded. When you are ready to get started, follow the directions below or the ones contained in your email. 


STEP 1: Download the Genius Insight Quanta APP to your phone.

If you are on your phone click one of the icons below. If not, visit the App store on your phone and search for Genius Insight Quanta.

STEP 2: Open the App and create your user profile. Click “Create a user profile,” fill in your information, and enter your practitioner as “eric@thesymphonyofme.com.” Once completed, you can watch the quick introduction video.

STEP 3: In the Quanta Cap App, go to the menu by clicking on the three stacked navigation lines in the top right corner of the main screen and select “Playlists.” You will see two FREE Bonus Playlists to listen to for seven days. One is titled “Balance My Chakra’s” and the other one is titled “Solfeggio Tones.”

Click “load” that is next to the playlist you wish to select. Then, click the purple “add all items to tray” button. Adjust the time slider at the bottom and press play. We recommend you listen to a minimum of 15 minutes, 2-3 times a day, every day.