What is Frequency Healing?

We are vibrational beings. Our bodies are made of light, sound, and frequencies circulating and interacting in complex patterns.

What is Frequency Healing?

We are vibrational beings.  At the atomic and cellular level, we are both light and sound following intricate geometric patterns. These complex patterns are vibrating at specific frequencies, giving birth to what we regard as the physical body. While we perceive our physical bodies as static, we are actually in a perpetual state of becoming, moment by moment. These patterns of light, sound, and energy (our own vibrations) are often referred to as Sacred Geometry. 

Our physical body, which is the densest of all fields, is literally formed (incarnated) out of a multitude of fields (information). It is so dense that we can see, touch, and feel it. However, despite the perception of solidity, we are information encoded into light and sound. Hence, when we experience dis-ease, this is an indication that a glitch occurred within our code, and disharmony exists within our energy field. 

What Causes Disharmony?

We are bombarded daily by internal and external pollutants and disruptive forces. These can be toxins in the air we breathe and water we drink, and/or they can be internal beliefs structures, stored unresolved trauma and negative self-talk. Disturbances cause disharmony, or resistance, in our biological field (physical body and the energy field). As a result, the body can manifest diseases over time. Physical, mental, and emotional ailments are the result of disharmonious patterns within our biofield. 


Here is an example that gives you an audio/visual experience of being ‘out of tune’, or ‘disharmonious’. Although it may not be audibly unpleasant, each individual player is attempting to harmonize the whole, making fine adjustments in tuning their instruments.


What is Coherence?

Coherence is when the body, emotions, and thinking are all in alignment and vibrating together in harmony. On a macro level, the whole biofield is in harmony. On a micro level, each cell and organ are operating at an optimal vibrational frequency. This is akin to each instrument of an orchestra locking into resonance with the whole, according to the design of the symphony. Coherence is when all of the aspects of the biofield are vibrating at their respective optimal states.


Here is an example of what a well-tuned orchestra and its effect in sound and feeling when each instrument is optimally harmonized with other instruments to form a beautiful symphony.


The Symphony of Me

The organs and systems of your body are your instruments. Just like the strings of a guitar, they vibrate at their own optimum frequency. When in tune and properly directed, they harmonize to your optimum rhythms to create the symphony of you. Humans are creatures of habit. We are wonderful at habituating even to states of disharmony and to the point of no longer recognizing what true harmony feels like until something breaks down in a grand way. Wouldn’t you like to experience life as the beautiful symphony you were always meant to be? Wouldn’t you like to be the maestro of your orchestra?  


Here is another example, a song from Jessica Aleman, that has been recorded in A=432. This is a biologically coherent tuning standard, also known as Verdi Tuning. It is a good representation of a well tuned, harmonized voice, featuring multiple vocal parts.

How This Works?

We uniquely assess these disharmonies and create a code (or sets of codes) that corresponds to the desired new harmonious state. Codes are strings of numbers from 0 to 9, that correspond to a desired new state of being. A new code is not unlike a software patch which allows the body, providing it has sufficient Life Force, to accept and process it to effectuate the necessary change. From this regained optimal state of being, and based on your unique blueprint, the body heals and continuously seeks to maintain its well-being. 

We issue those codes remotely to affect the recipient.  The issuance of codes (frequencies) can be done without the assistance of any technology or through the technology of Quanta Cap — the interface application program allowing clients to receive the codes and play them at their convenience. These personalized healing codes, delivered by the Quanta Cap application, provide the equivalent of repeat healing sessions at the comfort and pace of the client. This empowering offering allows clients to entrain their biofield to its optimum state.  

We also teach clients PANGU SHENGONG, a powerful and efficient practice which serves to cultivate and condense Life Force. This is equivalent to recharging your batteries so as to increase the energy available for healing as well as to simply counteract the losses of Life Force engendered by our lifestyle in the world we currently live in.  The basis of Bio-Regenesis Healing Matrix is the powerful combination of Pangu Shengong with a tailored healing plan delivered through corrective frequency codes. A trifecta! This, is the The Symphony of Me or, as the founder, Eric DuPont, refers to this process;  Total Help From the Total Self™.


Free Bio-Regenesis Frequency Set

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